jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

560. Cicero.

Say It To Me Now

I sent her an email,
it said, "Call at 8pm, your time
today, and read these sentences
to me, don't even wait for me to say
hello, just start reading-

Noah, you will never see me again.
Noah, you will never hold me again.
Noah, if we are in the sema room, we cannot
kiss, we cannot touch, we cannot do
anything physical together, because
I have a new boyfriend.

At night or when I'm bored at work, I will
remember sitting with you
next to the Cuyahoga and Meguro River.
I will even remember the
river in Santa Fe the had no water."

The in peaceful voice, say-
"Goodbye Noah."
She never called the day. He received
an email four days later stating, "Noah,
get it togheter, it's been a year. Watch
some Greta Gerwing movies, and get
over it."

Noah Cicero -