domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

XXXIV. Grafiti.

Me conoces... Te quiero todavía.

Anónimo - Grafiti (Talcahuano y Palacios; Banfield)

3 comentarios:

Lola dijo...

Los graffitis en el sur son un detalle que identifica tu blog. Yo no suelo ver muchos. Debe ser porque no ando mucho por la calle. Más bien prefiero los cafés.

Penélope dijo...

Que ternura!

Luna dijo...

Me hizo pensar en esta canción:

I can't hide the way I feel about you anymore
I can't hold the hurt inside, keep the pain out of my eyes anymore
My tears no longer waiting, my resistance ain't that strong
My mind keeps recreating a life with you alone
And I'm tired of pretending I don't love you anymore

Let me make one last appeal to show you how I feel about you
'Cause there's no one else I swear that holds a candle anywhere next to you
My heart can't take the beating, not having you to hold
A small voice keeps repeating deep inside my soul
It says I can't keep pretending I don't love you anymore

I've got to take the chance or let it pass by
If I expect to get on with my life